You're asking me?
Posted Sunday, May 25, 2014 11:16 PM

How strange I should be the one to start this chat. Some of you may know my older sister Kathy, the one with all the charisma. Well she has never attended one of her reunions and this includes taking a pass on her 50th. Now Alice and I have never missed one and in some years we even go to three. So what do I have to share?  I learned that no matter what you say or do there are some who are just not going to go. But we keep trying.

I wish she had had a website like this to go to. A place where in the confines of the ears of her oldest friends she could have been influenced by positive chatter. The kind that kindles the flames of nostalgia. The kindness of a call to see how things are and to remember both the fun and sad things we have shared in our lives. A time to put our past in order. A time to check in with who we were and maybe really are today.

What say you?  Andy