Arthur Elementary K-8

Clara B. Arthur Elementary School

10125 King Richard Street

Detroit, Michigan

Aaron H. Gould designed the Clara B. Arthur Elementary School.  The school was built in 1930 and was closed in 2005.  During the time that the school was open it was an elementary school, a middle school and a defense shelter.  Unfortunately it is now boarded up and is on the market to be sold by the DPS.  The school was named after Clara B. Arthur who was a suffragist in the Detroit area during the 1800's and early 1900's.  In addition to women's rights, she also fought to improve the lives of children.   She was known as "a great Detroiter, a great American and a great woman."


I want to thank Andy Baetz, Bruce Getzan, Kerry Krause and Grant Mac Donald for all of their help in pulling together the names of our classmates and teachers.  I could never have done this on my own.  If anyone sees a misspelling, correction or addition that they would like me to make, please contact me via my classmate profile on or my regular email,

**         In Memory

smiley          Attended 50th Reunion

♦    Graduated from Denby


January Graduating Class of 1964

Dennis Barney ♦

Judy Bell (French) ♦

Adele Chatelin ♦

Michele Frola (Jewell) ♦

Michael Honn ♦

William Jackson ♦ **  

Kathy Cusimano  ♦**

Ann Markert ♦

Anne McCall ♦**

Mary O'Connor ♦

Susan Richards (VanHollebeke) ♦ smiley 

Carol Tuchel ♦

Michael Verhaege  

Kathy Wendland ♦


June Graduating Class of 1964

David Albertson

Andy Baetz ♦ smiley

Jack Best

Joyce Blomke

Jim Brady

Ron Brooks

Greg Cain   ♦   

Douglas Casper

Robert Carberry

Diane Dickerson (Ellman) ♦

Karin Ekholm (Fisch)  ♦smiley

Rick Embree

Sharon Fields (Winter) ♦

Sandi Foot ♦

Sandy Garden (Willoughby) **

Bruce Getzan ♦    

Gary Goodger

Jerome Gugala

Larry Hebert ♦

Michael Henderson

Sally Hilliker

Susan Klida ♦      

Kerry Krause (Albertson) ♦ smiley

Carolyn Liblang (Blowers) ♦

Dorothy Loeweke ♦       

Linda Lyle (Melemed) ♦

Grant Mac Donald ♦      

Jean Markert (Kropf) ♦

Carol Melton ♦  smiley

Michael Mariscotti

Bernie Mueller 

Robert Muhme

James Potter ♦

Victoria Principle

Lorna Quinlan ♦

Dennis Rossi ♦     

Christine Sangster Williams ♦

Richard Spence 

Bob Seeley ♦      

Judy Troyer ♦   

Frank VonKampen

Tom Walker ♦smiley 

Susan Worzniac      

Jerry Zens  ♦ 

Carol Ziske ♦



Note:    Not all went on to Denby but many did.

          Can you add a name and/or correct a spelling? 


Clara B. Arthur Elementary School

Mrs. Lucille Wareham - Principal

Mrs. Ethel Gordon - Assistant Principal

Grade/Class Teacher Teacher
Kindergarden Di Zazzo Lancaster
1st Grade Miss Recor Alice Massic
2nd Grade Cathline Houle Helen Saeger
3rd Grade Ethel Hoffmeyer  
4th Grade Germmaine Dorr  
5th Grade Dr. Anne Hughes Smith
6th Grade Mrs. Irma Flatt  
7th Grade Miss Ruth Randall  
8th Grade Mrs. Hanratty  
PE Teacher Mr. Herman Straight Miss Head
Library Miss Butsui  
Auditorium Evelyn Holke  

Social Studies



Mr. Leon Zarski

Miss Snooks

Mrs. Gray

Mr. Sabella



April, 2016 -  Jim Potter, Kerry Albertson Krause and Andy Batez met for lunch and had their own mini reunion.  They are hoping to plan another lunch date and perhaps more classmates can join them!


This photo was taken in front of the King Richard entrance to Arthur Elementary, sometime in the 50's.  The lady on the far right is Mrs. Lucille E. Wareham, Principal and the lady next to her is Mrs. Ethel Gordon, Assistant Principal.  Does anyone recognize the other two women?  Photo was supplied by Ron DeRiemacker, a member of the class of 1956 or 1957.